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    The Bahamas offers some great spots to scuba dive close to shore or just a short boat ride away.  The Bahamas is used as a featured shooting site for movies and popular TV shows include many of the James Bond movies, Pirates of the Carribean and the Discovery Channel’s shark week.  Guest staying on Paradise Island have a few dive operators to choose from including Stuart Cove, Bahamas Divers and Blue Adventures at the Atlantis Resort (operated by Stuart Cove).  All three of these operators have a top notch team and will take you on a memorable diving experience.

    Bahamas Dive Operators

    Stuart Cove: Known as one of the worlds most popular dive operators, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has hosted celebrities, athletes and helped film several famous movies.  Stuart Cove offers traditional two tank dives, snorkeling trips and a Shark Adventure that won’t disappoint.  Learn more about Stuart Cove.

    Bahamas Divers: Located just minutes from all of the Paradise Island hotels, Bahamas Divers offers Scuba Diving, Instruction and Snorkeling trips leaving daily from Nassau. Try a shallow reef dive where you can see small wrecks and a wide array of tropical fish or you can dive  the “Lost Blue hole” a 200 foot wide natural opening in the ocean.

    Blue Adventures @ the Atlantis:  Operated by Stuart Cove, Blue Adventures has boats leaving right from the Atlantis so that you do not need to make the 40 minute ride to Stuart Cove.  Blue Adventures hits many of the same dive sites as Bahamas Divers located around Paradise Island including “The Tongue of the Ocean” and the Fish Hotel.  A portion of the proceeds from your dive goes to the Kerzner Marine Foundation  which is helping to preserve the reefs and marine life.

    Bahamas Dive Sites

    The Lost Blue Hole:  One of the more unique dive sites in the Bahamas, the Lost Blue Hole is a massive hole in the ocean floor that starts at a depth of about 30 feet.  The hole is about 200 feet wide and 200 feet deep.  You can see a wide array of marine life as you dive down the edges of the wall. The more common marine life that you will see include angelfish, snappers, and yellow tail.  Some of the more elusive animals in The Lost Blue Hole are sea turtles, sting rays and reef/nurse sharks.  Both Blue Adventures and Dive Bahamas offer trips out to the Lost Blue Hole.

    Shark Adventure:  If you want to experience the beauty and strength of the Caribbean Reef shark up close, the Shark Adventure will be sure to give you a thrill.  Operated by Stuart Cove, the Shark Adventure is a two tank dive in shark infested waters.  The first dive is typically a wall dive where you will experience reef sharks swimming by you at a comfortable distance.  Along the wall you will see a lot of other marine life including lobsters, Nassau grouper and yellow tail.  The second dive is a shark feeding where you will dive to shallow depth and kneel on the ocean floor forming a semi-circle with the other divers.  One of Stuart Cove’s expert shark feeders will then bring a crate of food that stirs a feeding frenzy.  Although the is is a highly unnatural event, it will give you a chance to see these amazing animals feed up close.  So close in fact that you may feel them bump right into you.

    Thunderball Reef:  Famed from the 1965 James Bond Movie “Thunderball”.  Thunderball reef is one of the more shallow dives at only 25 feet, but you will be able to experience an abundance of marine life and coral.  A great spot for beginner divers or James Bond fanatics.  Bahamas Divers operates trips to Thunderball Reef daily based on weather conditions.

    The Mahoney Wreck:  Right off the coast of the Atlantis is the ship wreck of the Mahoney.  During a hurricane in 1929, the Mahoney sank and has been a fish sanctuary ever since.  Diving to a depth of 30 to 45 feet you will be able to tour the remains of the ship and see abundant marine life including nassau grouper, lion fish, yellow tail and more.  Both Blue Adventures and Dive Bahamas operate trips to the Mahoney.

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  1. avatar Tish Himelstein says:

    Hi, we are interested in diving on our trip to Paradise Island on 4/16. Please let us know what is available~ thanks!

    • Yeah Man says:

      There are some good dive spots off of Paradise Island. If you are looking to stay close to Paradise Island use Bahamas Divers they are just over the Paradise Island bridge. The best dive spot they have is the Lost Blue Hole. There is also some nice spots right off of the Atlantis that are close. If you are looking for a wall or shark dive then use Stuart Cove. They are a great operation, but it is about a 45 minute ride from Paradise Island to get to their dive shop.


  2. avatar frank says:

    hi, coming down to paradise island on mar 3. looking for some nice dives. advanced open water certification. blue hole sounds great and shark dive, sounds like fun. where are you located from comfort suits, next to atlantis.


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