• Can you use your cell phone on Paradise Island or at the Atlantis?

    Using a Cell Phone on Paradise Island

    Using a Cell Phone on Paradise Island

    Cell service is available on Paradise Island and throughout most of the Paradise Island hotel properties.  The cell service is run by BTC, a Bahamian company.  Cell phone coverage works on boats, as well, provided you are close enough to Nassau or Paradise Island.  For most plans, cell and data usage is roaming, unless you have a plan that covers Nassau/Paradise Island.  It is best to check with your cell phone carrier to understand rates as it can get as high as a few dollars a minute.  Remember, when using smart phones with data plans to keep roaming off for the entire duration of your trip to avoid charges.  Turning roaming on just for a short period of time can result in a full week of emails and other data being downloaded at once.

    Money Saving Tip:  Save money by using Skype or FaceTime if you have paid for internet access on Paradise Island already or plan on making several calls.

    US Carrier Cell Phone Service for the Atlantis and Paradise Island

    AT&T Cell Service in the Bahamas

    Verizon Wireless Cell Service in the Bahamas

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