• Drinking water at Atlantis and on Paradise Island

    The tap water at the Atlantis Resort and Paradise Island is generally safe to drink.  Many people prefer the taste of bottled water as compared to the tap water.  Bottled water is readily available on all Paradise Island resorts, gift shops and convenience stores.  As with all tap water, be sure to adhere to any warnings posted by the hotel or news related to issues with the water supply before drinking.  The same holds true with ice provided by the hotel.  Most of the resorts on Paradise Island have easy access to ice machines near guest rooms.

    Save money on water at Atlantis: It may sound silly, but when you are out all day in the sun you drink a lot of water.  The typical price for a one liter bottle of water is about $5 dollars when purchased in a sundry shop.  It is even more if you have a waitress bring it to you pool side.  Keep in mind in most places on the Atlantis they will charge a 15% gratuity on the already overpriced bottle.  Buying these everyday will add up after awhile.  The best way around this is to ask the bartender or waitress to bring you an ice water (tap water).  They will not charge you at all for this, but it’s nice to tip.  The other option is for you to go to the shops just across the street from Atlantis where you can you buy water by the liter or gallon for $1 or $2.

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  1. avatar Stefanie says:

    Are the shops across the Atlantis far? Can you walk to them to get water?

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