• Funny Signs at Atlantis

    The Atlantis uses subtle pieces of humor to get important messages across about the marine habitats and engaging with wild life on the resort. When visiting Atlantis be sure to try and find all of these comical signs as you tour the grounds. It would also be wise to follow their messages otherwise you could find yourself in harms way. Here are some of our favorite signs:

    “Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground. The fish come out at night to smoke them and we are trying to get them to quite.” – Atlantis Paradise Island

    Atlantis Funny Sign Cigarette Butts

    This sign is a favorite among visitors and you will be hard pressed to see 5 minutes go by without someone taking a picture of it. It is located near the waterfall as you exit the Coral Towers from the lower level by Virgils.

    “Do not enter the Turtle Habitat. The turtles are told to stay out of your room, so please stay out of theirs” – Atlantis Paradise Island

    Atlantis Turtle Habitat Funny Sign

    You will find this sign by the Turtle Habitat located between the Beach and Coral Towers. While you are there don’t miss out on the opportunity to feed the Sea Turtles for free.

    “What comes up must come down. Please do not feed the birds” – Atlantis Paradise Island

    What Goes Up Must Come Down Sign At Atlantis

    A comical yet important message as the birds tend to get aggressive when food is around and you or your neighbor will be sure to find an unpleasant surprise if you feed the birds. You will find these signs in several places on the grounds at Atlantis.

    “Do not enter the Predator Lagoon. Take a picture it will last longer than you will if you jump in.” – Atlantis Paradise Island

    Atlantis Predator Lagoon Funny Sign

    Filled with reef sharks, barracuda and several other marine life, the predator lagoon is something best viewed from a distance. Be sure to check it out while you are there, but stay out of the water.


    These are just a few of the funny signs at Atlantis in the Bahamas. If you find others please send them our way.

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