• Harborside at Atlantis Rentals

    Looking for Harborside Resort at Atlantis rentals?  There are several options if you are looking to stay at Harborside, but are not an owner of the resort.  The easiest and safest way to book your stay at Harborside is directly through the Atlantis.  You can book accommodations on Atlantis.com or by calling 1-888-877-7525.

    Now that is the easiest and safest, but it is also the most expensive way to stay at Harborside.  There are always several Harborside owners who  are looking to rent there units.  Many times these owners are simply looking to cover their maintenance fee and are willing to rent at a deep discount.  There are plenty of websites that can help you find Harborside at Atlantis rentals.

    Redweek.com is a site where you can find owners that are looking to rent their weeks at the Harborside.  It is free to browse listings once you create an account, but to contact the owner of a listing you must have a paid membership.  The fee is only $14.95 for 12 months.  The transaction is between you and the seller so if you are concerned about fraud or other issues you can use an escrow service approved by Redweek.  The cost ranges from $315 for a rental under $1000 and goes up to $420 for a $9,000 rental.  This cost is split by both parties unless it is negotiated otherwise.  Considering the savings you get by renting direct it is not a bad idea to use this.

    If you are not interested in doing the legwork to find a rental, you can call Timeshares Only to speak with a rental consultant who will help you with your search.  You can view available listings on TimesharesOnly.com or call  1-800-421-2205.  Even when working with a rental consultant be sure to negotiate to get your best price.  If you are picking a week that has a lot of listings you will have better luck getting a good price.  HarborsideResortTimeshares.com is dedicated to  helping you find your timeshare rental at the Harborside Resort.  They can also help owners rent out their unused weeks.

    Here are a few tips to help you begin your search for rentals at Harborside:

    1. Be flexible on times that you can travel.  The more options you have the easier it will be to get a good price
    2. Research what type of room you are looking for prior to starting your search.  You can find more information about Harborside at Atlantis on allaboutparadiseisland.com or by visiting Atlantis.com
    3. Don’t take listing prices at face value.  Always negotiate.  It may not work every time, but you have nothing to lose.
    4. Use an escrow closing service to ensure a safe transaction
    5. Be sure to call the Harborside Resort to confirm that your reservation has been made and make sure the owner provides you with confirmation in writing.

    Do you have any other tips for renting a timeshare at the Harborside Atlantis?  Let us know below.

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