• How to get an Atlantis Bahamas Day Pass

    If you are coming to Paradise Island or Nassau on a cruise or staying at a different hotel, it is definitely worth spending a day at the Atlantis Paradise Island to fully enjoy Aquaventure and the rest of the resort.  Depending on occupancy rates you can usually purchase day passes right at the Atlantis resort.  The prices for an Atlantis Bahamas Day Pass fluctuate between $125 and $149 for adults $80 per child between the ages of 4 and 12.  The day pass typically includes lunch with your visit.  You may also purchase Atlantis day passes as an excursion from your cruise ship.  Cruise ships also offer tours of the Atlantis, but keep in mind you will not be able to use any of the pools, beaches or water rides while on the tour.  We recommend doing a day pass over the tour because why would you want to pay money to watch other people vacation.  The tour does not allow you to fully experience the Atlantis.  If you are coming from a cruise ship, the Atlantis is only a short 10 minute cab ride from the harbor or you can use the transportation provided by the cruise line.

    Atlantis Day Pass 2015 Prices

    Atlantis has not changed pricing on its 2015 day pass pricing as of today, January 6th.   Here are the quoted rates from Atlantis: “Access to the Aquaventure Waterpark and marine habitats at Atlantis are FREE for guests staying at the resort. Passes may be purchased by day visitors on property, but availability is limited – and may be closed – during periods of high resort occupancy. Passes are $125.00 on all dates except for the following, on which they are $149.00: June 13 – August 15th, November 21st – 30th, and December 20th – 31st. Children (aged 4-12) tickets are $80.”

    Atlantis Day Pass 2014 Prices

    Here are details from the Atlantis on 2014 Pricing “Access to the Aquaventure Waterpark and marine habitats at Atlantis are FREE for guests staying at the resort. Passes may be purchased by day visitors on property, but availability is limited – and may be closed – during periods of high resort occupancy. Passes are $125.00 on all dates except for the following, on which they are $149.00: June 13 – August 15th, November 21st – 30th, and December 20th – 31st. Children (aged 4-12) tickets are $80.”

    Money Saving Tip: For families or larger groups looking to purchase Atlantis Paradise Island day passes, consider reserving a hotel room at the Beach Tower of the Atlantis or the Comfort Suites.  The Beach Tower is the lowest priced hotel on the Atlantis property.  The Comfort Suites includes day passes and is next to the Atlantis property.  A one night stay is usually less than the cost of day passes for a family of four.  Not only will you save money by doing this, you will also have a room where you can shower if you want.  Be sure to confirm with the Comfort Suites that they are still giving day passes to their hotel guests prior to booking.  When booking both hotels make sure you factor in the full price of the room including taxes and fees when deciding to use this option over buying day passes out right.

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  1. avatar mercedes Urrestarazu says:

    How can I buy an Atlantis day pass for 4 adults the 30th of November
    thank yoy

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      Normally we would recommend booking a room at the comfort suites which offers free access to the Atlantis and with 4 adults that would be cheaper than buying the passes. As of right now it looks like they do not have availability so your best bet is to purchase them that day at the Atlantis. You can purchase them in the Coral towers lobby of the Atlantis. You may want to call ahead of time to make sure they are not sold out. Sometimes when the resort is booked up they do not sell day passes.

  2. avatar may ng says:

    We’re going to Nassau next week on April 20 on the celebrity line and we like to know if the Dig is still open to the public and it’s still free?
    Thanks for your advice.

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      Yes, you can still access the Dig for free, but you cannot go further on the Atlantis grounds. The pools, beach and other water exhibits are only open to hotel guests or those that pay for a day pass.

  3. avatar Jen says:

    We are planning to go to Bahamas on August the 11th and will be staying at a different hotel. Do we just go to The Coral Towers and purchase day passes for the both of us? Can you reserve? Trying not to go and get a ‘sold out’ answer.

  4. avatar Liliana says:

    Hi there
    We are coming in March on a cruise! We are there from 8 to midnight! We want to walk around atlantis see the aquarium and relax at the beach! Trying to find different types if passes at atlantis but can’t find it! Not interested getting a rooms, greatly appreciate your help

  5. avatar Liliana says:

    That is March 2015 looking forward to it! They say cabbage or cable beach us good but would love to stay at the atlantis beach

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      Atlantis is much better than cable or cabbage beach. You get the beach plus all the water attractions and marine life. How many people are traveling with you? If three or more highly recommend booking the room for around 300-400 dollars for two reasons. One if you book at the Atlantis or Comfort Suites you guarantee yourself a reservation as you can’t reserve day passes in advance. If the resort is at capacity the day you want to go you will not be able to get in. The other reason is cost. The Day Pass that gets you full resort access to the beach and Aquaventure can be over $100 so booking a room with 3-4 people is cheaper than the passes. The comfort suites is usually the lowest cost option, but just verify with them that you get the passes to Atlantis when you book. Your cruise may offer you a cheaper Atlantis excursion, but its just of tour of the property and you don’t get to enjoy the waterpark or beach. You can also do just the west beach which has public access next to the Riu, but you can’t go on the Atlantis property without a bracelet or room key.

  6. avatar Susan says:

    We will be in Nassau on a cruise ship and would like to eat at the Atlantis as it is our 25th anniversary (Nov. 25, 2014). I also have some ambulatory difficulties..can walk but painful, have walking stick. How reasonable is it to believe that we can get to relax for a while there and then eat at the resort? Would you recommend a day pass or book the excursion option from the cruise?
    Thank You.

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      First off happy anniversary! If you are just looking to eat at one of the restaurants you do not need a day pass. You can eat at just about all of the restaurants (except the ones by the pools) and have access to the Casino without a day pass. If you are also looking to spend time by the pool or Aquaventure (the water park) then you need a day pass. In terms of booking with cruise ship or directly with Atlantis I only recommend booking through the cruise ship if they are giving you full access to the resort. The advantage is you can book in advance where you cannot receive a day pass with Atlantis in advance. Many of the cruise ships only give you a tour of the resort but not access to the amenities. If walking is a challenge you may not want to do that. You can take a taxi or shuttle to the resort to minimize walking. You can also rent a motorized scooter for $45 dollars a day. See this site http://www.cardinalmobility.com/about.html.

  7. avatar Robbinette says:

    How much is a day pass for November 24th/25th for 2 adults and 1 child (10yrs)?

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      Very sorry for the delay, but for two adults its $149.00 per each adult and $80 for the 10 year old child. Also note that is a peak time so they may not have availability.

  8. avatar Anthony says:

    how much for 2 day passes at the aquaventure and where can i buy online thnx :)

  9. avatar BJ Dulasky says:

    I’m confused. If I am in the Bahamas and want to go to Paradise Island….can I just “walk” into the hotel, and go right to the Dig, for free? I really don’t want to see or do anything else. All I want to do is go see the DIG! Been there before, and LOVE it. BUT….. the Cruise Ships are charging upwards of $65 per person, just to take you over there, and let you do the Dig!! So what is the Truth? If I get there, on my own, will I have to pay a fee to go down to the Dig, and see the aquariums?

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      You are correct if that’s all you want to do you can walk there and go right to the DIG, but you can’t go further on the grounds where there are more marine exhibits, the leap of faith and Aquaventure. Security will ask for a room key or bracelet. Also note that it is a long walk from the cruise ships so you may want to take a cab or water taxi.

  10. avatar Erika says:

    We are going on a Cruise to Bahamas on April 2th , Can we purchase tickets in advance with Atlantis Hotel ? Also do you guys offer military discount ? And how much will be for 2 adults and 1 child (8 years old ) ? And how much it will be for the 3 of us ?
    Thank you very much ,
    Erika P

    • avatar Yeah Man says:

      You cannot purchase tickets in advance with the hotel. You have to purchase them on site at the Atlantis. You can book hotel rooms in advanced. I checked the comfort suites and that is $470 after taxes for that date so its too much. The tickets purchased on site would be $328 for all three and $248 for the two adults. I am not aware of military discounts, but its worth asking. You can also check with your cruise to see if you can book in advance, but just make sure their package allows you to use aquaventure and the beach. Sometimes they try to sell you on just the tour of the Atlantis

  11. avatar TL says:

    I will be in Nassau on 3/13 for the day on a cruise stop. Is this considered a busier spring break week? I was wondering how crowded the waterpark maybe. And also If it is just my wife myself and 46″ tall daughter is the day pass even worth it since our daughter want be able to try most of the slides

  12. avatar RENEE says:

    going to Bahamas in April for the first time. I read comments and your answers and it has been very helpful. thanks. I will check back before we head out to see if there is any new info. Can wait for my day Atlantis adventure