• Leap of Faith Atlantis Water Slide

    Leap of Faith water slide at Atlantis

    Atop the Mayan Temple of the Atlantis lies the signature thrill ride at the resort.  The Leap of Faith water slide at Atlantis is almost a straight drop down a 60 foot water slide.  As you speed down the slide you enter a clear tube that takes you right through a tank filled with sharks.  You are going so fast down the slide so don’t expect to see too much.  This slide is not for the faint of art, but if you are looking for some excitement on your vacation be sure to give it a try.  While you are at the top of the Mayan Temple be sure to take in the beautiful view of the ocean and the grounds of the Atlantis.  If you are too afraid to try the Leap of Faith, don’t worry you can experience the other Mayan Temple slides including the Challenger Slide and the Serpent Slide.  The Serpent Slide is a great way to view the sharks at a much more relaxing pace.

    Watch a video of the Leap of Faith water slide at Atlantis

    Before you take the plunge, watch a video taken from the top of the Leap of Faith water slide all the way down to the splashy finish. If the Leap of Faith is too much for you watch videos of all the Atlantis slides to find the one you like best.

    FAQs for the Leap of Faith water slide at Atlantis

    How long is the Leap of Faith slide?

    The slide is a 60 foot drop

    Are there any height restrictions for the Leap of Faith slide?

    You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Leap of Faith, but there are many other slides for kids that don’t meet the height requirements.

    Where is the Leap of Faith slide?

    To ride the slide you must climb the steps of the Mayan Temple which is located between the Power Tower and Royal Baths Pool.  The closet hotel is the Royal Towers.

    Have sharks ever ended up in the pools for Leap of Faith and Serpent slide?

    Actually yes, in December 2008 a reef shark jumped out of its tank, went down the Leap of Faith Slide and into the pool.  This happened before the slides were open and the Atlantis has since put up nets to prevent this from happening again.  So don’t worry about sharks jump into the Atlantis water slides.

    What type of sharks are in the Mayan Temple?

    There are both Carribean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks

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  1. avatar Caren says:

    How deep is the water from the slides once you are dumped out?

    • Yeah Man says:

      Don’t worry the water is pretty shallow. I am not certain but I believe it’s only 3 or 4 feet deep. The life guards are very safe and are right at the end of the slides. They only allow 1 person to go at a time and wait for the last person to exit the pool.

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