• Royal Towers vs. the Cove

    After reading about the Royal Towers and the Cove at Atlantis you may be having a hard time figuring out which is best for you.  We have compiled a chart to help you compare the two towers.  The good news is, you can’t go wrong with either one.  They are both great places to stay.

    The Royal Towers The Cove
    Price Most rooms are less expensive with the exception of the premium suites and Bridge Suite. Generally more expensive, but come with more amenities
    Location Centrally located on the Atlantis resort Located close to the Mandara Spa, Aquaventure and Dolphin Cay
    Access Limited Access Exclusive access to Cain, Cabanas and Cascade pool
    Child Friendly Very child friendly Some areas limit access for certain ages
    Noise Can be lively depending on time of day or events going on More Tranquil
    Gambling Very close to casino Outdoor gaming area on site and a 10 minute walk to casino
    Extra Amenities Standard The Cove guests have access to better towels, beach chairs and other amenities

+ 1 = eight