• The Dig Atlantis

    The Dig at Atlantis

    The Atlantis has the largest open air aquarium in the world.  The Dig is the signature marine exhibit at Atlantis and is free for all to experience.  As you walk through the Dig you can explore the ancient ruins of the mythical city of Atlantis.  The pathway along the Dig is filled with glass walls where you can see a dazzling array of aquatic life including sharks, groupers and the magnificent Eagle Ray flying through the water.

    FAQs for the Dig at Atlantis:

    Where is the Dig at the Atlantis located?

    The entrance to the Dig is located in the Royal Towers main lobby.  Simply walk down the stairs to the great Hall of Waters and you will see the entrance to the Dig.  You may also enter the Dig from the outside right by the Fathoms at Atlantis.

    How much does it cost to visit the Dig at Atlantis?

    The Dig is free for hotel guests, but visitors may be charged a fee to visit the Dig.

    What types of marine life is there in the Dig at Atlantis:

    There are so many types of aquatic life in the Dig it is hard to name them all.  Some of the more popular are the large Groupers, Moray Eels, Spiny Lobsters, Sea Horses and Jelly Fish.

    Are there any age restrictions for the Dig at Atlantis?

    The Dig is great for all ages.

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  1. avatar Jessica says:

    Do you know if it’s still free to visit The Dig? It seems they are charging now but it’s hard to get information even when calling Atlantis directly. They say you can’t get a pass just for The Dig but you can get a day pass for $45(Adults) & $30 (Kids) for The Dig, Predator Lagoon, and The Ruins Lagoon

    • Yeah Man says:

      Yes the Dig is still free. Atlantis has tightened up how non hotel guests are able to roam the property. You cannot access the Predator Lagoon without a pass or being a hotel guest. Usually I have not seen any hotel personnel checking room keys to get into the Dig during the day and you can always get there in the evening.

      • avatar Julie says:

        Just an update: I was there in Dec. 2014 and you can no longer even get into the main entrance without paying 40.00. The Dig is no longer free :(

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