• Ways to save money at the Atlantis Paradise Island

    Ways to Save Money at the Atlantis Paradise Island

    Get the most out of your money

    Anytime you travel you have to be careful of extremely high fees or overpriced items.  Atlantis is no exception to this.  When you are vacationing at a place like Atlantis Paradise Island you should expect to pay top dollar for a high quality steak, but it is painful to pay $25 for the same sunscreen that you can get at home for 1/3 the price.  We have compiled some tips to help you navigate around the high priced items at Atlantis.  You can also check out our deals section to find some of the best offers Atlantis has to offer.

    Save money on water at Atlantis: It may sound silly, but when you are out all day in the sun you drink a lot of water.  The typical price for a one liter bottle of water is about $10 dollars when purchased in a sundry shop.  It is even more if you have a waitress bring it to you pool side.  Buying these everyday will add up after awhile.  The best way around this is to ask the bartender or waitress to bring you an ice water (tap water).  They will not charge you at all for this, but it’s nice to tip.  The other option is for you to go to the shops just across the street from Atlantis where you can you buy water by the liter or gallon for $1 or $2.  Read our post for more information about the drinking water at Atlantis.

    Poolside eating at Atlantis: Atlantis has several poolside dining options spread out around the property.  They all have similar options with a few different things depending on the location.  The best way to save money at these places is to take advantage of the combo deals.  In many instance the combo deals include a drink and fries/chips for the same price as just getting the burger or wrap.  The burger combo is at almost all the locations, but only a few locations have the wrap combo so make sure you seek it out if you get tired of the burgers.

    Phone and Internet Access: When at the Atlantis remember to make sure you have voice and data roaming turned off to avoid ridiculously high charges from your cell phone provider.  Most cell phone providers offer plans that provide you coverage for the Bahamas at a decent price.  If phone access is necessary make sure you arrange this plan before you leave otherwise you may find yourself with a $300 phone bill.  The Atlantis offers WiFi coverage on the resort for about $20 a day.  To avoid these charges you may also get free access to the Internet in Library located in the Coral Towers or the main lobby of the Harborside.  Access is limited to about 15 minutes if there are people waiting, but its nice for checking email or to print your boarding passes.

    Suntan lotion: The best way to save on suntan lotion is for you to bring it from home.  A small container of sun lotion can cost as much as $25 dollars on the resort.  You can save some money by buying it off the resort if you are in a pinch.  The is a shopping area across the street from the marina village.

    Beer and Alcohol:  Drinks are expensive on the resort, but you are on vacation so it’s nice to have someone bring your drink to you pool side.  If you are looking for ways to save money on drinks, you can go to the liquor store located just across the street from the Atlantis.  You can get beers and liquor for a fraction of the price of what they charge on the resort.  It is also duty free so you can bring some back home if you choose.  Be sure to check the legal limit that you are allowed to bring back.

    Waverunners: The Atlantis does not offer motorized sports and is not affiliated with the vendors on the beach.  However, if you are looking for a Jet ski ride you can rent by the hour or half hour from a vendor on the beach.  Do not take the price they offer at face value.  You can negotiate the price down pretty easily.  Everyone operates individually for the most part so feel free to shop around for the best price.  When you go for your ride make sure you keep track of the time.  Some will try to cut you short after you have been riding for only 15 to 20 minutes.

    These are just a few money saving tips that can help you navigate the Atlantis.  Do you have any other tips?  Tell us below:

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