• Feed the Stingrays at Atlantis

    Feeding Stingrays at AtlantisWondering where you can feed the stingrays at Atlantis?  There are a few options available for you.  Located between the Beach Tower and Coral Tower you will find Stingray Lagoon, a small marine habitat that houses Southern and Cownosed stingrays.  Guests of the Atlantis or those that have Atlantis Day Passes can take part in the feeding of the stingrays daily for no additional charge.  One of the trained Atlantis Seakeepers will show you how to safely feed the stingrays and give you lessons about them. You just need to show up at the Stingray Lagoon during the posted feeding times.  Pick up a copy of the Daily Atlantean, the Atlantis newsletter, for details on feeding times.

    If you are looking for an even more exciting and hands on experience, try the Stingray Experience outside the Coral Towers.  During this 45 minutes session you will actually put on a wetsuit and get in the water with Cownosed Stingrays and other tropical fish. You will have the opportunity to feed the stingrays and snorkel around the lagoon.  You can book this experience for an additional charge at any of the Atlantis concierge desks in your hotel or by going to the Atlantis Adventures desk in the Coral Towers.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Feeding Stingrays at Atlantis

    Is it safe to feed the Stingrays at Atlantis?

    Generally feeding the stingrays at Atlantis is safe provided that you are doing it under the supervision of the trained staff at Atlantis.  Remember they are wild animals and you should never try to touch them or enter the lagoon without Atlantis staff present.

    Are there any age requirements for feeding the stingrays?

    For the Stingray Experience children must be at least 5 years old and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Younger children are welcome at Stingray lagoon with a parent.

    Does it cost anything to feed the stingrays?

    The daily feeding at the stingray lagoon is free for guests and there is a charge for the Stingray Experience.  Contact the Atlantis for more details on pricing.

    Are there other places to feed stingrays outside of the Atlantis?

    There are also other options to feed Stingrays outside of the Atlantis.  Powerboat Adventures offers a full day experience that includes snorkeling, feeding stingrays and inguanas.  Learn more about Powerboat Adventures


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